​​​​​Sunrise Farm Quarter Horses

High-percentage Blue Valentine Driftwood And Hancock Horses

Mr Junewood

Mr Junewood

Blue Fox Hancock

Blue Fox Hancock

At Sunrise Farm, we have been raising high-percentage Blue Valentine, Joe Hancock and Driftwood bred horses since the 1990's.

We offer quality bloodlines that produce natural athletes who perform.

We take great pride in the heritage of our horses and believe that every foal could be the next World Champion. 

Blue Fox Hancock is co-owned by Sunrise Farm and our partners, Lauing Ranch. We also lease the legendary Mr Junewood from KeSa Quarter Horses.

Save the Date for the BV&D Heritage Production Sale

BVD Heritage Sale
September 9, 2023

Working Horses

Horses are athletes in their own right. Our horses are bred to work hard in the roping pen or in the show arena. We believe their work ethic is as important as their pedigree.

Working Horses from Sunrise Farm
Sunrise Farm, Your Willing Partners
Willing Partners

Sunrise Farm horses are raised to be our partners. Our goal is to produce horses that are easy to handle and that are willing, willing to try, willing to work, willing to do what is asked of them.